Cosmo Consulting - Corporate Video Productions

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We began our journey over 10 years ago, by producing creative video and photo content for our corporate clients. Soon after we found ourselves strategize effective marketing solutions and advise our clients on best ways to deploy our content to better connect with their target market.

The more content we produced, the more we understood that without our inital consulting session and marketing strategies even our best content is not going to reach the intended audience Hence we transformed our business concept to consulting our clients, so that our cleverly produced content has an everlasting impact.

You need a plan that’s in line with your overall business goals. It can be difficult to focus on marketing at all when you’re wearing so many other hats in your business.

A consulting session with us gives you a tactical foundation on which direction to focus on and narrow your marketing efforts to maximize the impact.

Every business idea has a unique story to tell. We take the time to listen, so we can better capture and share your vision with the world.

We ensure that your brand identity, your marketing message and your calls to action really do cut through… in the most professional and unforgettable way.

So you have a social media account, but don’t have the time to consistently upload new and creative content to reach your niche market.

Let us step in and take the reins of your social media accounts.

We provide you with expert research that will show you how to limit your social media marketing to perhaps just two or three platforms, saving money while creating a greater impact. We serve Coquitlam, Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario.

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